The Shoppers Guide to Upstate NY

When the air cools and the twinkling lights go up, we know the holidays are near. This time of year reminds us to celebrate with loved ones and to reconnect with old friends. The holiday season is also a time to shop for meaningful gifts, so we thought we would give you the gift of adventure.

We’ve created a list of our favorite shops, grouped by cities and towns that we personally love to visit. With so many located just a short distance from the city, we encourage you to use this time as an excuse to explore new places. Check off your holiday to-do list by supporting local makers and businesses while you venture somewhere new. Enjoy your travels!

Cold Spring
60.7 miles from NYC
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.

Only a short train ride from the city, Cold Spring is the perfect town to visit when you’re in need of an upstate fix but don’t have the time to drive too far north. We love wandering down the beautiful main street, set on a hill overlooking the Hudson. Here is a list of some of our favorite new stores in town, all of which are within walking distance from the train:

Outdoor Adventure Gear: Old Souls
Homeware and Furnishings: Burkelman

Photos by Emma Tuccillo and Burkelman

121 miles from NYC
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.

There is no place quite like Hudson, NY. Take the Amtrak train or a two-and-a-half hour drive north for a perfect day of holiday shopping along Warren Street. The stunning historic architecture is reason enough to visit, but the impressive number of stores outfitted with antiques and unique goods will keep you busy all day. Here are a few of our favorites:

Curated Lifestyle Brand and Store: Hawkins New York
Handmade Ceramics: Paula Greif
French Antiques: Red Chair

Photos by Hawkins New York and Emma Tuccillo

101 miles from NYC
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.

One of our favorite destinations upstate, Kingston is an up-and-coming city two hours from NYC. Kingston was once the first Capitol of New York State, but now acts as a home to many emerging artists and makers. We especially love to visit Downtown, as the recent influx of shops and bars makes it a vibrant community unto itself. Here are a few that we especially love to visit:

Flower Arrangements and Gifts: Hops Petunia
Homemade Leather Goods: Jay Teske Leather

Photos by Katie Lobel and Kelli Rene Williams

Albany and Troy
152 miles from NYC
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.

Albany and Troy are in the midst of a resurgence. These cities have always been centers of history and politics, but most recently, we’ve seen many local creatives and makers celebrating what the Capital Region has to offer. We love to explore the newly opened eateries, bars, shops and studios that now fill once empty brownstones and multi-story brick buildings along the river. Of these, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites in the area:

Design Shop and Coffee Bar: Superior Merchandise Co.
Local Goods: Fort Orange General
Plants and Design: Forage + Sundry

Photos by Felicity Jones, Caroline Corrigan, and Tess Palma-Martinez

122 miles from NYC
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.

Set in Sullivan County, Narrowsburg is a stunning little town right along the Delaware River. The two-and-a-half hour drive from the city will take you through winding country highways and farmland, leading you towards the many new stores and restaurants that are popping up in this rich county. We are quite fond of Narrowsburg for its rustic architecture, expansive river views and collection of exceptionally curated stores. Here are a few worth taking the trip for:

Antiques and Decor: Maison Bergogne
Homeware and Accessories: Nest

Photos by Emma Tuccillo

153 miles from NYC
Shoppers Guide to Upstate, NY.

Located in the Western Catskills, Andes is surrounded by bucolic mountains, vast reservoirs, and farmland. If you’re looking for a getaway a bit farther from the city, we recommend taking the three hour drive where you’ll discover a spirited local community and a landscape that cannot be matched! Located right next door to each other, the following stores are perfect for the treasure seeker in your life:

Antiques and Oddities: Kabinett and Kammer
Vintage Clothing: Clementine Vintage

Photos by Christian Harder


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