Newburgh-Beacon Holiday Giveaway 2016

Now that the lights are up, the first snow has fallen, and those carols are playing on repeat in nearly every store, we figured there was no better time to announce a holiday giveaway! To celebrate the season, we teamed up with Nina Barry of Pasture Antiques to curate a festive giveaway comprised of products from 10 local makers based in Newburgh and Beacon. This area is wildly rich with new talent — we were so excited to learn about a few favorites! From a handmade wooden box from Rexhill Furniture, to handcrafted soda syrups from More Good, to a cozy Trapper Point Blanket found by Pasture Antiques, this giveaway is chock full of beautiful handmade goods that will please just about anyone. Learn about each maker below and plan your next trip to Newburgh and Beacon!

To Enter:
Tag your best holiday and winter photos on Instagram with #andnorthholidays and sign up for our weekly newsletter, which includes our latest feature and exciting upcoming events taking place upstate. A lucky winner will be announced on January 1st, 2017.

Happy Holidays from all of us at And North!

Rexhill Furniture
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Inspired by the natural beauty and industrial history of the Hudson River Valley, Rexhill is a family-run furniture company preserving the warmth and appeal of traditional craftsmanship. By using classic woodworking and joinery, owners Justin and Paula King bring time-honored quality to contemporary designs, building pieces that will be used, loved, and passed down through generations.

Giveaway Item: Wooden Box

More Good
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

More Good uses locally sourced ingredients to create hand-crafted soda syrup concentrates, tea and tisane concentrates, and bitters. Their Beacon shop offers a wide array of organic loose leaf tea blends, organic and fair trade herbs and spices, bar accoutrements and bar tools, and an extensive selection of flavors and varieties of cocktail bitters.

Giveaway Item: Syrups

Helen Michelsen
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Jeweler and artist Helen Michelsen meticulously crafts her fragrances in small batches, scenting each with the finest pure essential oils. Her aesthetic visions flow naturally into her aromatic line of monochrome and minimalist apothecary products.

Giveaway Item: Candles

Marisa Lomonaco Jewelry
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Artist and designer Marisa Lomonaco specializes in creating unique jewelry pieces and metal objects that range from custom engagement rings and wedding bands to repurposed heirlooms made with the finest, ethically sourced materials, precious stones, and diamonds. Designed and constructed with an emphasis on quality and longevity, each of her timeless accessories tell a story and become more beautiful with wear and age.

Giveaway Item: Metal Luggage Tag

2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Industrial designers Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker combined their concern for the environment and passion for social innovation to invent LOLIWARE, the world’s first biodegr(edible) cup! Made from seaweed, organic sweeteners and flavors and colors derived from fruits and vegetables, their line of edible cups come in a variety of flavors designed to serve drinks and desserts, from Tart Cherry and Yuzu Citrus to Matcha Green Tea and Vanilla Bean.

Giveaway Item: Edible Cups

Outlast Goods
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Hand selecting leather from their centuries-old family tannery, Pergamena, in Montgomery, NY, brothers Steven and Noah Meyer launched Outlast Goods with the goal of crafting durable vegetable-tanned leather goods meant to last a lifetime. From raw material to finished product, they personally design, assemble, and test out every one of their products — from wallets and belts to leashes and collars — at their Hudson Valley workshop.

Giveaway Item: Green Leather Keychain

2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Owner, designer of house brand Reservoir and stylist Erin Murphy Doan designs for the busy modern woman, inspired by her own experience of bouncing back and forth between the city and upstate. Her lifestyle shop Reservoir & Wood in Beacon is a complementary blend of city style and country living with a focus on American-made products and emerging designers.

Giveaway Item: Coasters

Ella’s Bellas
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Ella’s Bellas of Beacon serves up some of the tastiest breakfast, lunch, and sweet treat options in the Hudson Valley. What’s more, it’s all gluten-free, yet you wouldn’t know it.

Giveaway Item: Cookbook and Sugar Cookie Mix

Justin Catania
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Living and working in the Hudson Valley, artist Justin Catania makes hand-carved, hand-printed wood carvings and woodcut prints. He also runs a print and design studio under the name Goners NY, procuring tailor-made designs and printing for artists and small establishments.

Giveaway Item: Goners Hand Carved Rose

Pasture Antiques
2016 Holiday Giveaway from Newburgh and Beacon Makers.

Based in Newburgh, Pasture is a seller of storied and sought after antiques, amassing items that are unseen, odd, unusual, and rare. Browse their Instagram for a peek at their ever changing array of vintage treasures, be it a 15th century carved African mask or a mid 20th century modern chair.

Giveaway Item: Trapper Point Blanket