A Jewelry Guide To Upstate NY By A Thousand Facets

I’ve been living in Orange County – the only county in New York State that borders both the Hudson and Delaware Rivers – for the past ten years. I love that I have the peacefulness of the country, but am close enough to the city. Jewelry has always been a big part of my life and one of my favorite weekend activities is to explore nearby towns and peek into shops to discover new jewelry designers and local makers. I collect, sometimes make pieces for fun, and am always on the hunt for the next piece that will take my breath away so that I can share it on my blog – A Thousand Facets. I don’t have a specific kind of look as I’m drawn to designs across a wide spectrum – from vintage to contemporary, and from small delicate pieces to over-the-top statement pieces. The most important thing is that the piece is unique, makes me happy, and has a voice!

During my travels upstate, I’ve encountered a vibrant community of talented jewelers that are establishing themselves in the area and who are striving to build up their towns. I’ve been lucky enough to develop relationships with many of them and every time I visit, I’m continually inspired by their work and in awe of their passion. Just in time for the holidays, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite jewelry designers and shops that will delight and inspire you with their unique offerings. Whether you’re shopping for a family member or a dear friend, the list below will surely have something for everyone!

Featured image by Rebecca Peacock

Upstate NY Jewelry Guide. andnorth.com

Rebecca Peacock
I’ve seen Rebecca’s work in many stores throughout the Hudson Valley and was instantly drawn to her pieces. I finally met her at an upstate art fair where we began a lovely friendship. Her rings, made from 14 and 18 karat gold with diamonds and semi precious gemstones, are perfect for stacking in multiples. I really like the fact that she is a firm believer in sustainable practices like using reclaimed materials in her designs.

Photo by Rebecca Peacock

Upstate NY Jewelry Guide. andnorth.com

Bavier Brook
As I mentioned before, I’m in love with Hudson, so you’ll often find me walking up and down Warren Street and visiting every shop. Bavier Brook, an antique jewelry store that opened a couple of years ago, is not overwhelming like most vintage jewelry stores. Instead, it has an expertly curated mix of fine and high-end costume jewelry dating from the late 1700s to the 1970s. With over ten years of experience working in fine and estate jewelry, owner Jessica Bavier not only has a flawless eye, she is also incredibly interesting to talk to. Everytime we start a conversation, the next thing I know, I’ve been there for hours!

Photo by Bavier Brook

Upstate NY Jewelry Guide. andnorth.com

Rand Papele
I met one of Rand Papele’s designers, Eben, at the Capsule show earlier this year. I really enjoy his pieces, so I was especially happy to learn that he and his co-designer Jude, live upstate. It’s nice to find people with a beautiful aesthetic that I can relate to. Their collection reflects many influences – from the asymmetry of the natural world to Japanese and Scandinavian design and the geometric motifs found throughout many folk art traditions. They’re also inspired by their surroundings, the mix of the very old and the very new, formed by a life lived up north.

Photo by Rand Papele

Upstate NY Jewelry Guide. andnorth.com

Hummingbird Jewelers
One of my best friends lives in Rhinebeck, so I visit the area pretty regularly to walk around town and shop the stores. A favorite of mine is Hummingbird Jewelers. Over time, I’ve built a close relationship with the team at this family owned shop and I make it a point to stop by, especially when they have trunk shows. They’ve been in business for 37 years, carry more than 75 designers from around the world, and have a master goldsmith that can create custom pieces. When you set foot in the store, it’s exciting and inspiring to see so much beautiful jewelry in one place!

Photo by Hummingbird Jewelers

Upstate NY Jewelry Guide. andnorth.com

Camille Carnevale
During my jewelry research, I came across Camille’s work and found it very sweet and great for layering. She evokes a sense of magic and technique with her designs, drawing inspiration from the elegance of Victorian fashion and the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt. Longevity is a big priority when it comes to her work and she wants her designs to be passed from one generation to the next.

Photo by Camille Carnevale

Upstate NY Jewelry Guide. andnorth.com

Geoffrey Good
I had the pleasure of meeting Geoffrey Good when he opened his store a couple of years ago in the below 3rd area of Hudson, which is one of my favorite towns in upstate NY. When you visit his shop, you know you are witnessing the creations of a master craftsman. He has worked for such storied jewelers as Cartier, Christie’s, Sotheby’s and the Metropolitan Museum of Art to name a few. I consider him a true jewelry architect because he is so passionate about each detail in every piece he makes.

Photo by Geoffrey Good