8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts From Local Makers

​Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and we know you’re looking for what to give someone worthy of a little indulgence. Here are 8 gifts that are not only delightfully unique, but also support local businesses based in NYC and Upstate. In other words, here’s how to truly share the love.

Best Way to Say “Be Mine”
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Thunderwing Letterpress
Letter Press Card

“As a couple that runs a design studio together, I suppose it comes down to how we’d want to visually tell each other “I Love You”. It’s complex and simple at the same time.” $7

Caption by Thunderwing Letterpress
Photo by Emma Tuccillo

Favorite Way To Celebrate Together
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Farm Dinner

“Glynwood’s monthly farm dinner series presents seasonal meals that showcase Hudson Valley food, while reflecting on the importance of regional agriculture. Each dinner highlights a particular food from Glynwood or another Hudson Valley producer and menus are crafted around a theme that is central to farming in this region. Ranging from intimate meals to large-scale dinners in the field, guests have the opportunity to engage in discussions about the importance of sustainable food – often with a special guest farmer in attendance.” $75

Caption by Glynwood
Photo by Allyse Pulliam

Favorite Tiny Treasure
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Rand Papele Jewelry
Gemma Stud

“Hand fabricated in 14K gold and sterling silver. Delicately hammered 14K gold disc and triangle with a sterling silver bracket and ear post. Sits slightly off the ear.” $175

Caption & Photo Courtesy of Rand Papele Jewelry

Favorite Keepsake
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Tom Delooza Portraits
Tintype Portrait

“A love of handmade things has drawn me to work with antiquarian photographic processes, particularly wet-plate collodion, in which I am making my own photo emulsions, cameras, and other equipment. The name comes from the fact that each plate must be coated, exposed, and developed while the chemistry is still wet. These one-of-a-kind tintype portraits are the perfect gift to share with your loved one and are sure to be prized for generations.” $40 – $80

Caption & Photo Courtesy of Tom Delooza Portraits

Best Way to Set the Mood
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Eminence Road Winery
Cabernet Franc

“Brimming with leafy, ripe raspberry fruit, the 2012 Eminence Road Cabernet Franc “Elizabeth’s Vineyard” is medium bodied with good balance and a deeply mineral finish.” $20

Caption & Photo Courtesy of Eminence Road Winery

Best Floral Arrangement
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Hops Petunia
Floral Arrangement

“I’ve always been inspired by the amazing way nature can create a color palette and my arrangements continually challenge me to create interest and depth. I try to balance sophistication with, for lack of a better description, a cozy snuggle…because who doesn’t love a good snuggle.” Price upon request

Caption by Hops Petunia
Photo by Emma Tuccillo

Best Romantic Hideaway
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Hillside Schoolhouse
Romantic Getaway

“We opened Hillside Schoolhouse in 2013 following an extensive renovation of the 1893 landmark building. Our boutique inn has two guest suites and an awe-inspiring common space, which doubles as a showroom for my handcrafted furniture. We are very proud to be named one of the top 25 hotels in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler as part of the Gold List 2015.” Prices vary

Caption by Hillside Schoolhouse
Photo by Noah Kalina

Best Edible Indulgence
Upstate Valentines Day Gift Guide. andnorth.com

Fruition Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Ganache-Filled Heart

“What seems to be a simple dark chocolate ganache-filled heart is so much more because both its filling and shell are made by us from bean to bar using rare cacao found in the Marañón Canyon of Peru. I chose to feature this chocolate because of its incredible depth of flavor.” $10 – $20

Caption & Photo Courtesy of Fruition Chocolate

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  1. Great suggestions. I’m old fashioned. I like a single red rose.

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