Vintage Curiosities Find A Home At The Manor
Kenyan Lewis and Meghan Auld |

Kenyan Paris Lewis and Meghan Auld are potential-seekers. Enthusiasts of a particular kind. An old tube radio becomes a DJ booth. A stack of vintage suitcases befits a night stand. A 35-foot royal spartanette trailer? An indoor movie theatre. “I just love everything old,” Kenyan says. “I’m attracted to broken things that just need repairing, or are in need of tender loving care.”

Their relationship, born from friendship, grew into a mutually-beneficial partnership: she helped him build a website for his full-service design business, ByKenyan, and he showed her the art of prop and antique sourcing. “Kenyan has an ability to walk into an empty room and just see,” Meghan says. “He doesn’t plan things out, he doesn’t draw them out, unless he has to. But, he can walk into a room and completely transform a space.”

The Manor is their home. An impressive stone structure that was once a refuge for patriot politicians, serving as the New York State capital for 30 days during the Revolutionary War. Today, it is a museum of things once-loved, a strongbox of curiosities. Eleven rooms, each with a distinct character.

Kenyan first visited the house in the fall of 2013 after a friend tipped him off to its Craigslist posting. The owner, an artist and business consultant, Cynthia MacVay, saw him pull up with his assistant Frank, “I’m so glad you came,” she said. “I want you to have this house…I googled you…”

What Cynthia didn’t know was that he’d seen it before. He’d driven by its majestic frame every day for three years on the way from his home in Accord to his studio in downtown Kingston. “Every time I passed by, I would see the barn and think ‘I’m going to live in that house one day,’” he says. “So, this was destined. It all just worked out.”

Kenyan Lewis and his collections

  “I have been a collector my whole life. Through my travels and various jobs, I have found objects that I love, and The Manor has been a perfect place for them to live. I am constantly decorating and re-decorating as I buy new things and let others go.”

Room detail in Kenyan Lewis' home in Upstate NY

  “When we moved in, each of the seven bedrooms had its own unique qualities. We wanted to accentuate rather than change them, maintaining the integrity of the house while adding details that make it our home.”

Room in Upstate Ny

  “Our friends retreat to The Manor to escape the chaos of the city. On the weekends, the house is bustling with cooks, artists and fellow builders who partake in big dinner parties and campfires. Our friends – new and old – are what really make this place special. We love to host!”

Kenyan Lewis and his home

  “This is the entrance to our home, The Manor, a stone house built by Dr. James Oliver in 1745. In 1777, the house was expanded to fit senators and their families when The Manor became the New York State Capitol for a month during the time the British invaded Kingston.”

The Manor in upstate NY
Meghan Auld in upstate NY

  “Meghan has also been an antique rummager and collector her whole life. She began coming upstate to my old house when we met years ago. We had the common vision to create a communal home full of creative people who, like her, needed to escape the city and retreat to nature. When we found The Manor, we knew that this was the perfect place. Meghan spends most of her time up here working on developing our business and working on her own crafts.”

Kenyan Lewis and his kitchen in upstate NY

  “The big kitchen is an addition to the original house. We loved its high ceilings and exposed stone wall that was once the original exterior back wall of The Manor. This is where we spend a lot of time cooking and hanging out.”

Kenyan Lewis and Meghan Auld

  “This is us outside of the main barn. When we first pulled up to The Manor, this faded red door was one of the first things that we fell in love with.”
  “I found this portrait at a collector’s home in Berlin in 2006. On another trip, I won dozens of these scrolls that are of various maps and medical charts.”