An Artistically-Inspired Home With Upstate Influences
Rebecca Peacock |

“If you live in the Hudson Valley for three full moons, you will always find yourself coming back,” says Rebecca Peacock, referring to a Native American proverb repeated often throughout her childhood.

Born into an artist community in Woodstock, N.Y., Rebecca was raised among a tight-knit collective of creative souls. When she was 19, a sense of wanderlust took her to L.A. where she studied library science and the surf-and-skate culture of Southern California. Despite the sun-streaked bliss she experienced on the West Coast, she continued to feel a proverbial pull to the Hudson Valley, the desire to come back to Woodstock and return to her family, the mountains, the rivers, and the wildlife that defined her youth.

In 2005 she returned, and seven years later, she and her husband Tim purchased a serious fixer-upper just off one of the main roads in town. They began renovating room by room – a challenging process considering she was simultaneously starting a jewelry business, Rebecca Peacock Jewelry. “It’s difficult to find that place where you can have space when there is chaos around you,” she says. “There’s less dust later on, and less dirt, but there is always going to be another garden, or improvements to be made. So finding that place to be able to enjoy…it’s pretty much like freedom.”

Rebecca Peacock Portrait

  “Portrait in my favorite winter hat and hand-knit sweater by my mother-in-law.”

Rebecca Peacock Handwritten Element

  Sketch by Rebecca Peacock

Rebecca Peacock Maple Syrup

  “Making maple syrup is a TON of work, but one of the most rewarding. At this time we only produce small batches of maple syrup that are not currently for sale. Perhaps something will come of this pursuit later. It takes about forty gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. The buckets are all gathered by hand from trees on the property. It’s currently just a labor of love.”

Rebecca Peacock Home

  “I guess if I were to have to define my decorating style, it is about finding balance between old and new. I love the romance of old things put against a background that possibly contrasts. Comfort and coziness trump all, though.”

Rebecca Peacock Maple Syrup

  “Tim, my husband, is a chef. So together, we enjoy tending to things on the property that usually result in food.”

Rebecca Peacock Bedroom and Wallpaper

  “My favorite wall in the house. I do feel like I need to honor this house’s amazing wallpaper legacy and re-wallpaper at least a few of the rooms. I’m loving the wallpaper company Calico. Their designs are gorgeous.”

Rebecca Peacock Bathroom and Guest Bedroom

  “Keep going. Keep believing. Keep dreaming. Those were the thoughts I had to have during this amazing process of renovating my home. It’s not easy and sometimes the changes seemed to happen too slowly, but it is rewarding when you just stay at it.”

Rebecca Peacock Kitchen

  “Houses are beautiful at all stages, not just when they are finished. It’s amazing what you uncover within the walls, behind that plaster, and certainly within yourself. Each house has a different story to tell about the people who’ve lived in it and when it was built…if the beams were cut by hand or by machine. It’s like an unfolding mystery.”

Rebecca Peacock Laying Hens

  “An image of some of the hens laying eggs. They prefer not to be disturbed, but they are so cute when they are laying!”

Rebecca Peacock Eggs and Rings

  “Simple glamor. I’d say that’s my jewelry’s signature and something I strive for. I made the jewelry. As for the hens…the eggs. I’m always inspired by the colors of the eggs. That is part of the fun of collecting the eggs each day.”

Rebecca Peacock Living room and Kitchen

  “Every home needs a hearth. The Morso stove is so sweet, its been perfect. It’s been a welcome change to cut small pieces of firewood.”

Rebecca Peacock with bunny

  “Sometimes when I need a tiny break from what I’m doing in the studio, I walk out and visit with the chickens and peacock…or just watch the bees. I always observe or learn something.”