An Apartment In Cold Spring For Every Design Enthusiast
Philip Nobel and Nathalie Jonas |

When it comes to design, Philip Nobel has seen it all. Having written for the likes of Architectural Digest, Metropolis and the New York Times for the past 15 years, he’s developed a discerning palette for the best in structure and form. In 2009, he set his eyes on Cold Spring, tired of the cramped streets and storied skyscrapers of New York City. “I saw a map in the 80s and saw this funny dead end on the Hudson,” he recalls. “It always seemed like this unique geographic pocket in Putnam county.”

Five years later, Philip and his girlfriend Nathalie Jonas have become daytime fixtures in town. In 2013, Nathalie opened The Living Room, a mixed use event space, a community driver, on Main Street downtown. In addition to hosting weddings, private parties and concerts, The Living Room partnered with a local coffee shop, The Pantry, to host the Bazaar on Hudson, a weekly indoor flea market promoting local makers and artisans.

“There’s something very natural about limiting your acquaintances and increasing the quality of them,” Philip says of his social life in Cold Spring. “If you live in a place with limited cultural offerings, you go to all of them. If you’re in New York and not entirely focused on one thing, you see nothing. [up here] you don’t have a contemporary crisis of choice.”

And North Note: Philip recently became the editorial director at SHoP (an architecture firm based in NYC) and now takes the Metro North to and from Cold Spring almost every day.


  (image on left) “This is George. He’s the grandson of a jade grown by the mother of the woman who owns the antique store next door. George’s father was dying in the woman’s sister’s house (too much water) when George was snapped off and rescued as a twig. He’s happy in the light.”


  “The drawing is by Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio in Seattle. They drew it together. If you study it close you can see their two hands. It’s called ‘After’.”


  “Last September we went for a walk by the river. Word reached us there (as it does in Cold Spring) that our apartment was on fire—a total loss. We ran back and found half the village standing on Main Street gossiping and the other half (the awesome volunteer fire department) already clearing out the smoke. The red mat on the counter covers the mark where one of the firemen dropped the hot saucepan. We’d left the rice on.”


  “Letting the rest of the place be emptyish means our kitchen gets a little full. Seen here: Philip’s grandparents’ travel map, a macrame calendar from Nathalie’s birth year, the first printing of an #ows poster on cloth picked up in Union Square, unprovenanced clutter, and one of a set of special-edition gold-leaf mugs commissioned by Paige Rense from Tiffany as Christmas gifts for her Architectural Digest staff writers, back in the day.”


  “Owls. So hot right now.”


  “Nathalie’s side of the bed.”