A Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY with Brushland Eating House and Burnett Farms

On January 31, we gathered with forty-five creatives in a greenhouse on Burnett Farms, a 150-acre farm in Bovina, NY, to celebrate upstate’s vibrant community. Between sips of piping hot mulled wine and frequent blasts of warm air from the portable generators, we were toasty and talkative though sub-zero temperatures lingered just beyond the greenhouse door. Our guests, some – farmers, makers, and craftsman; others – writers, artists, and designers – mingled over cocktails into the early evening.

By nightfall, beneath a canopy of twinkling lights, we sat on hay bales, shoulder-to-shoulder. Bovina’s Brushland Eating House presented a seven course feast with ingredients from the surrounding land: local venison was a standout for the bratwurst, and Burnett Farms’ own tomato sauce became the flavorful base for the pot pie quebecois, a steaming stew of pheasant confit, sauce and marrow.

“We’re bringing together people who share a common vision and passion for what is going on up here,” said Steve Burnett, who runs Burnett Farms with his wife Kristie, during an impromptu toast mid-dinner. “The problem with brilliant ideas is that they degenerate into hard work. Everyone is here because they are passionate about their work and what they are doing. Building community is really what its all about.”

With s’mores in hand and Bovina-roasted coffee courtesy of Foster Built, the night culminated around an impressive bonfire made of hay and mushroom logs.

It takes a village to make a night like this possible, but it takes a community to make it memorable. Thank you to all of our guests and everyone else who contributed to this gathering. We’re so grateful to create experiences like these that help us further cultivate the upstate community we love so dearly.

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “When we first visited Bovina in December, we immediately started planning this dinner with Brushland Eating House and Burnett Farms because we wanted others to experience this place during the winter. Hosting the dinner on Steve and Kristie’s organic farm seemed like the perfect collaboration to showcase the agricultural innovation in this part of the Catskills.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “Kelli Galloway of Hops Petunia helped to transform the greenhouse, using moss, arrangements of white roses, and foraged pine from the farm.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “Hannah Leighton, a farmer by trade, listed our drink selection for the evening. We were so thankful to feature some of our favorite locally sourced beverages. Thank you Hetta Glogg, Wayside Cider, and Adirondack Brewery.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “Our tablescape included the work of many of our favorite makers. The Spruce table came from New York Heartwoods, a sustainable wood mill; the naturally dyed table runner and napkins were created by Silk and Willow; the menu was illustrated by Kate Weinburg; and the Best Made Co. enamel cups served as party favors for our guests.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com
Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “Our Design Director, Tim LaSalle, welcomed our guests with warm Hetta Glogg made just an hour south in Rhinebeck, NY.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com
Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “For the cocktail hour,  our bartender Brandon served Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioned drinks and Burnett Farms Elderflower Soda.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “The six course meal prepared by Brushland Eating House featured the best of Bovina seasonal fare. Chef and owner Sohail Zandi started the meal with a salad of aquaponically grown farm greens, a Bovina Valley Cheese plate served on platters designed by Materia Designs, and home-made mozzarella served with smoked beets and preserved lemon.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “The venison bratwurst was a favorite of the evening, served in Lodge Cast Iron Pans with dijon mustard, pickled mushrooms, and herbs.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “While our guests sat happily around a warm table, the restaurant staff were working tirelessly out of a makeshift kitchen in the adjacent greenhouse. Their hard work seemed effortless despite the difficult and unusually cold conditions.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com
Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

  “As the night wore on, it was easy to forget that we were sitting in the midst of a snowy field with single digit temperatures. It was such a pleasure to watch our guests become acquainted and share ideas in this beautiful, yet unlikely, setting.”

Greenhouse Gathering in Bovina, NY. andnorth.com

Thank you to all of our supporters who made this night possible!
Images: Heidi’s Bridge
Floral Design: Hops Petunia
Menu illustration: Kate Weinburg
Spruce table: New York Heartwoods
Table runners and napkins: Silk and Willow
Enamel cups: Best Made Co.
Serving platters: Materia Designs
Skillets: Lodge Cast Iron
Coffee: Foster Built
Accommodations: Spruceton Inn
Adirondack Brewery
Bulleit Bourbon
Hetta Glogg
Wayside Cider


  1. I would like to say that I am impressed moved and extremely envious of your community! Further what you seem to have created should be an example for all! What like minded people can create together and become homogenous but not pasteurized! It sounds tantalizing and makes me want to move and join you’ll!

    1. Thank you so much Martin, your kind words mean the world to us!

  2. A truly beautiful evening… Thank you again for having us!

    1. Our absolute pleasure, so great to finally meet you and Hillary in person.

  3. Sorry not to be there with all of you…..

    1. Thank you so much Jeanette! We are so happy to have supporters from all the way out in San Diego.

  4. this is so lovely! and looks delicious. i love the community you guys are committed to building! xx

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