Our Top 5 Summer Moments Upstate

As we near the end of August, it’s hard to believe another summer is coming to a close. We look back over the last few months with such a fondness for the creative and spirited people we’ve had the chance to meet and the places we’ve had an opportunity to visit. In remembering these moments, we hope to give you a glimpse into the varied adventures and experiences we’ve had – some of which we’ve shared on the blog and others that we’re sharing for the first time. Upstate NY is such a special place in the summer and we hope this post will inspire some last minute explorations. Happy travels!

Read below as each And North team member shares a memory from the summer.

Best upstate summer moments. andnorth.com

  Fourth of July in Bovina
“Living in the city means that most of my days are spent daydreaming about running around fields upstate. In the summer, that feeling is heightened to an almost unbearable degree. My boyfriend and I decided to spend July 4th in one of our favorite towns in the Catskills: Bovina, NY. It was a perfect four days where we connected with some of our favorite people in the idyllic setting of the Western Catskills. We were lucky enough to stay with Sara Elbert and Sohail Zandi of Brushland Eating House, where we ate three delicious meals. After walking down main street, we ran into our friend Mark Foster, who roasts the most delicious small batch coffee called FosterBuilt, which we’ve been savoring in our apartment ever since. We spent July 3rd with Alex Wilson and Irene Hussey, creators of Wayside Cider, gleefully picnicking next to a pond that we later jumped into. We couldn’t imagine the weekend getting any better, but were pleasantly surprised when, on July 4th, we traveled to a private firework show nearby. It was a spectacular end to our getaway. I was so sad to leave, but I knew we would be back again soon.” Emma,  Founder and Creative Director

Best upstate summer moments. andnorth.com

  The Summer Feeling
“Each year there is a defining moment when it’s just the right combination of summer smells and the sound of the peepers. When I’m warm and outside in the dark and all of a sudden I’m like ‘Today! Today is summer!’ It’s in this moment I know that winter is over and it’s time for camping and swimming and bonfires and cookouts. It only happens once every year and it’s a treasure.” Katie, Events Director

Best upstate summer moments. andnorth.com

  Re-discovering Hudson
“I stopped by the Hudson River Exchange with my mother for what I thought would be a quick browse through the vendors. A few minutes turned into hours as I warmly greeted friends I had made either from featuring them on our blog or through some other And North connection (Rebecca Peacock Jewelry, Jay Teske Leather Co., Wishbone Letterpress, Troy Cloth & Paper, Andrew Molleur Ceramics and PetitFelts). I can still remember the look on my mom’s face when I shouted for the fifth time ‘Just a few more minutes mom!’ Though I grew up only forty-five minutes north of Hudson, it is a new sort of thrill to be welcomed into an upstate community that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.” Alyssa, Editorial Director

Best upstate summer moments. andnorth.com

  Never Far From Upstate
“Being a Brooklyn-based creative with strong upstate roots is strange and exciting. I never know who I will run into in the city — whether it be printmakers from upstate who are opening in the Lower East Side or personal design heros that visit Kingston regularly. This summer I have bounced from Midtown to Mid-Hudson, listening to bands in landscaped parks or splashing around local swimming holes amid mountainous landscapes. These are experiences I cherish. They are not all specifically summer related, but they are all And North related. When we first started the blog, I imagined that I could use this project as an excuse to get back to up north once in awhile. Much of my life since then has continually linked me back to my roots, pulling me closer to my heritage and a new sense of what my future could entail.” Tim, Design Director

Best upstate summer moments. andnorth.com

  Our #andnorth Instagram
The moments you share on #andnorth are a constant source of inspiration and a reminder of what makes upstate so special. Thank you for sharing your summer experiences with us on @Instagram. We can’t wait to see more.

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  1. Awesome summer photos. I really like how you post process these. What camera and settings did you use?

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