Your Fall Inspiration Guide From Upstate Creatives

From the crunch of fallen leaves under a heavy boot to the the abundance of fresh produce at the farmer’s market, fall in upstate NY excites the senses like no other. In celebration of the season, we asked some of our favorite upstate creatives and adventurers to share what they love most about fall upstate. Some call it home, others split their time between the city and country, but all draw inspiration from this bountiful time. 

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Featured image by Annemarie Buckley

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“When the air starts to get crisp and the leaves begin to change, our thoughts turn first to the beautiful High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. It’s always hard to contain my excitement as we drive north on I-73 through Keene Valley, a quick one hour drive from our hometown of Glens Falls. The leaves change each year, it’s true, but every autumn it’s almost as if it were the first time I’ve seen it happen.”

Briana Lyons is the owner and designer behind The Yellow Note, a custom design studio with a mission to create items that move others to connect through good old fashioned mail and face-to-face gatherings. When she’s not designing, Briana can be found exploring the small towns of the Adirondacks, camera in hand. Follow Briana on Instagram @theyellownote.

Photo by Briana Lyons

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“Fall is one of the busiest times at Little Ghent Farm, the home of Made In Ghent, so we’re not out visiting the area a great deal. This is a magical time of year for light or, to be more specific, for the relationship between light and dark. As the days turn into cool nights the golden hour produces a great battle of natural contrasts that shows off the brilliant colors around our farm in a spectacular way. It’s a favorite time to walk and take in the season.”

Richard Beaven is an editorial/documentary photographer. He is also co-owner of Little Ghent Farm in the heart of The Hudson Valley. Over the past three years he and his wife Mimi have been rebuilding the old farm and creating Made In Ghent, their brand that includes food, farming and workshop activities. Follow along @MadeInGhent.

Photo by Richard Beaven

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“Chilly mornings giving way to mid-day warmth. Mountains and valleys cloaked in seamless layers of bright, bold colors. Packs filled with apples and cheddar and flasks filled with bourbon. Breaking away from the daily grind to find adventure in the Adirondacks is one of the things I love most about fall in upstate New York.”

Alyssa J. McClenning is a writer and visual storyteller who lives on a picturesque horse farm overlooking the Hudson River in Saratoga County. The upstate New York native and former White House spokeswoman regularly shares her love of art, agriculture and adventure on Twitter at @amcclenning and Instagram at @macsfieldnotes.

Photo by Alyssa McClenning

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“A fall feast – breaking bread with family and friends at Gaskins in Germantown.”

Anthony is the founder of Zio & Sons, a New York City based creative collective, specializing in all things visual. Their work includes creative direction, on-set styling and staging, and aesthetic strategy. He currently splits his time between the East Village and Hudson, NY. For inspiration, follow along with their lifestyle hashtag #gatheringslikethese and @zioandsons.

Photo by Anthony D’argenzio

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“I can’t help myself: it’s the colors. Though I mainly work as a kids’ book writer and illustrator, I’ve been sucked into landscape painting since making the move from Brooklyn two years ago. I live at the Spruceton Inn, so I get to see people experience this place for the first time and again and again. I like to think that keeps my eyes and work fresh. It feels like every season reinvents the mountains surrounding us, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say fall was the most outrageous.”

Steven Weinberg is a children’s book writer and illustrator in the Catskills. He is also the co-owner of Spruceton Inn in the Catskills that he and his wife Casey Scieszka opened two years ago in the foothills of Westkill Mountain. He is an avid upstate explorer and can often be found fly fishing along the Esopus.

Illustration by Steven Weinberg

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“Fall is so bittersweet. Within its exquisite explosion of color and bounty are signs that the end is near. But living upstate has helped me understand that impermanence has its own mysterious beauty. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the garden, where next year’s growth arises out of the compost heap. Or in the forest, where wild mushrooms are both agents of decay and delicious food. And that gingerbread? It’s a dark and decadent seasonal indulgence that is also here today, gone tomorrow.”

Laura Silverman is a writer, photographer, cook and naturalist who lives in Sullivan County. Next spring, she is planning to open a bar and café in Narrowsburg, NY. Follow her culinary and creative experiences on her blog Glutton for Life.

Photo by Laura Silverman

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“While it may sound provincial, of our favorite fall activities Upstate is to take long, meandering walks in the Adirondacks. It’s less about the destination and more about the experience: a quiet back country road with mountains is ideal — bonus points if you forage some beautiful plants and wild edibles along the way.”

Erick Steinberg and Emily Hirsch are creators of Heidi’s Bridge, a lifestyle, food, and DIY blog, which documents recipes, styling projects, travels, as well as their workshops and events. They split their time between Philadelphia and their family cottage in the Adirondacks. Follow along @heidisbridge.

Photo by Heidi’s Bridge

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“I anticipate the dahlia bounty long before fall takes over our valley. Before chai tea and wool socks, long before pie making and tulip bulb digging. Fall is the dahlia’s stage – the bright, peppery scent of their greens, the wide slope of their petals, the way they catch the light no matter how you arrange them. I’m lucky to have a beautiful flower farm, Treadlight, right up the road, which teems with dahlias in every shade of peach and violet and rose you could ever dream of. Dodging the early frost like a mouse from a fox, they grow giant and luscious in a matter of weeks. They are like fall, furious and fleeting.”

Sara Mae Elbert is a short story writer and one-half of Brushland Eating House in Bovina. Having fled the city for the Catskills, she is constantly amazed at the plethora of lupine and is always in search of the perfect wild apple. Follow along @saramaeelbert.

Photo by Sara Mae Elbert

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“I love getting ‘lost’ on the motorbike and rambling down old dirt roads looking for places to hike and fish.”

Jamie Kennard is a graphic designer and adventurous Catskills explorer. His Instagram account @catskilltracks documents his adventures in backwoods skiing, snowshoeing, and scenic motorcycle rides. He also co-owns the recently opened Brunette Wine Bar in Kingston, NY with his wife Tracy Kennard. Follow along @catskilltracks and @brunettewinebar.

Photo by Jamie Kennard

Fall guide to upstate, NY.

“What I love most about fall upstate are the vibrant colors, textures, shapes, and patterns that surround us during this beautiful season. Everything feels so ACTIVE. Grapes are being harvested, apples are being picked, special dishes are being prepared… people are gathering the best of nature and turning it into something new. There is an unmistakable creativity in the air that provides energy for the long winter ahead.”

Annemarie Buckley is the founder of Scout’s Honor Paper, a stationery and design studio based out of her hometown of Geneva, NY, which is in the heart of the Finger Lakes. Her work combines Americana and a bold modern aesthetic. Follow along @scoutshonorco.

Photo by Annemarie Buckley


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