Climb Mount Marcy – The Highest Peak In The Adirondacks
Mount Marcy |

  • Roundtrip: 15 miles
  • Features: Alpine forests, expansive views
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Get There: 1002 Adirondack Loj Road

Topping out at 5,343 ft, Mount Marcy is the highest mountain in New York State, located in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks, near Lake Placid. The 7.4 mile trek to the summit is long and arduous, but can be made by all levels of hikers in one day. There are many scenic landscapes along the way, including a rare ecological zone of endangered Arctic Alpine plants and a 360-degree view of the pine forests and rocky outcrops once you reach the top.

The mountain itself is named after William L. Marcy, a 19th century governor of New York who encouraged exploration of the area. The first recorded ascent was in August 1837 when geologist Ebenezer Emmons led a small party in search of the East Fork of Lake Tear of the Clouds, the highest water source of the Hudson River.

Be sure to do some research about which of the many trails is best suited for your skill level. And, remember to pack plenty of water, snacks, and multiple layers of clothing – weather at the summit is always cooler and much more unpredictable than at the trailhead.

Summiting Mt Marcy

  “While there were many choices when it came to climbing Mount Marcy, we chose the most popular trail, which started us at Adirondack Loj and lead us through the ever changing scenery of the Adirondack Range: Lush forests, rocky slab faces, and an endangered arctic pine forest.”

Navigating Mt Marcy
Camping Ground at Mt Marcy
Hiking Mt Marcy

  “The High Peaks Region allowed us to experience what Upstate is known for…its incredible, awe-inspiring beauty.”

The summit at Mt Marcy
Climbing up the summit of Mt Marcy

 “Standing beneath my fellow hikers, it looked as if we had reached the top of the world, or at least, New York.”

The view from summit at Mt Marcy


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