The 12 Best Images Of #andnorthfall

Fall is such a magnificent force in upstate, NY. It inspires thousands of visitors to venture north each year to gaze at the changing leaves on meandering country roads. For us, the leaves act as the perfect excuse to travel somewhere new and to explore aimlessly.

This season we invited our Instagram community to share their favorite fall moments with #andnorthfall. Over the course of a five weeks, we received over 1,300 submissions, which showcased the vast beauty of the season. The following 12 images perfectly depict the feeling of fall in all its glory. Learn about each winner and what they love about Fall.

Congratulations to the final winner, Caitlinn Mahar Daniels, whose image of vivid leaves in Madam Brett Park won her a meal and stay at Brushland Eating House as well as a leather backpack from TM 1985.

Thanks to everyone who submitted, we are so grateful to have seen fall through your eyes! 

Best of Fall.

  “This photo was taken at Madam Brett Park in Beacon. My husband and I were waiting for our couple to arrive for their engagement shoot so we were walking around and shooting the foliage. This location holds a special place in my heart because my father always took me on walks here as a child. This particular photograph shows the view from the walkway at Madam Brett Park looking over the Fishkill Creek – the area before it turns into Marshland and heads towards the Hudson River. You can hear the Metro North trains from this location.”

Caitlinn Ramsden is the owner and lead photographer of Caitlinn Mahar-Daniels Photography, a wedding photography brand created shortly after college. She adores organically designed outdoor weddings and focus’ on authentic emotions and relationships while documenting these occasions. Caitlinn and her husband are based in the Hudson Valley and shoot weddings from New York to South Africa and everywhere in between. Follow Caitlinn on Instagram @caitlinmahardaniels.

Photo by Caitlinn Ramsden

Best of Fall.

  “Those first few moments when the air and light are changing and summer is slipping into autumn are my favorite of the year. Fall is a gentle season, one of surrender and preparation – everything feels peaceful and a little bit slower. Nature’s color palette is rich, but muted and the soft light of fall seems to dance across it, drawing our attention to its quiet beauty. What I love best is the menu of the season; silky soups, hearty stews, slow cooked dishes. These dishes pair perfectly with crisp afternoons and lunches that linger into candlelit evenings. So many of these dishes warm us from the inside out, filling our bellies and our hearts, beckoning us to the table and begging for thick slices of crusty bread to mop-up the last tasty morsels.”

Krissy O’Shea is a photographer and stylist specializing in food, floral and tabletop. She also designs events and gatherings which celebrate culture and community. She is currently taking the long way home and is chronicling her adventures on instagram @cottagefarm.

Image by Krissy O’Shea

Best of Fall.

  Mark Rosen is an art world professional and creative devoted to the things that make great stories great. He currently works at Arsty in their social media department. Follow along at @markatthemuseum.

Image by Mark Rosen

Best of Fall.

  Photo by Shelby Pollard

Best of Fall.

  “Our favorite things about Fall are lazy Sunday afternoons: rain pelting the window, snug wool sweaters, the smell of damp leaves, a record spinning, & something caramelizing in the oven – heaven.”

Erick Steinberg and Emily Hirsch are creators of Heidi’s Bridge, a lifestyle, food, and DIY blog, which documents recipes, styling projects, travels, as well as their workshops and events. They split their time between Philadelphia and their family cottage in the Adirondacks. Follow along @heidisbridge.

Photo by Heidis Bridge

Best of Fall.

  “I made up my mind a long time ago: Washington County will forever be my rural beacon, where fall air invigorates and gentle landscapes soothe.”

Alyssa J. McClenning is a writer and visual storyteller living on a picturesque horse farm overlooking the Hudson River in Saratoga County. The upstate New York native and former White House spokeswoman regularly shares her love of art, agriculture and adventure on Twitter at @amcclenning and Instagram at @macsfieldnotes.

Photo by Alyssa J. McClenning

Best of Fall.

  “I use the local farm stand – Eger Bros., near Hudson – as my barometer for the changing seasons. When butternut squash shows up among the harvest, I know it’s time to whip up my favorite fall soup. Blended with freshly-picked apples and garnished with maple syrup and pumpkin seeds, it’s quite literally the best of fall in a bowl, even down to the color reflecting the changing leaves.”

Daniel Strassburger is a New York-based marketing executive, escaping with his husband and two french bulldogs to the Hudson Valley on weekends. A nature-lover and avid kayaker, follow Daniel on Instagram @dstrassb.

Recipe for Daniel’s Single Malt Butternut Squash soup can be found at here.

Photo by Daniel Strassburger

Best of Fall.

  “Autumn always seems to be unfairly brief in New York, but the perfect weather and beautiful fall foliage is a good motivator for us to get up and get outside as much as possible. The smell of the leaves in the forest and the cool air is such a perfect contrast to the long hot months of summer and impending snow. For me, Mohonk is the ideal autumn getaway, with beautiful trails, mountaintop views and a calm lake reflecting all the colors.”

Danny Wild is a reporter and photographer for covering Minor League Baseball and also contributes to USA Today and Army West Point. A SUNY New Paltz grad, he can often be found back near campus exploring the mountains, lakes, streams and forests of the Hudson Valley. Follow Danny on Instagram @dannywild11.

Photo by Danny Wild

Best of Fall.

  “When thinking of foraging, we often envision a far off wilderness or deep forests. This year we left the rolling hills of the western Catskills to do an experiment in urban foraging in the granite crags of New York City, encouraged by friends on social media to investigate apple trees in their neighborhoods. From gardens in Park Slope to the Ramble in Central Park, the apples of New York told a story of resilience and opened up possibilities in our minds to growing cider fruit in the city. This photo is of crab apples, painstakingly picked in Riverside Park. They will add a tart and delicious kick to our urban cider, 30 gallons of which will be available in spring.”

Alex Wilson is co-owner of Wayside ciders, a cidery that creates fine, small batch mountain ciders. Located in the rolling hills of the western Catskills, they specialize in using the foraged, wild, and Catskill heirloom fruits, to make a uniquely Catskill cider. Follow Wayside Cider on Instagram @wayside_cider.

Photo by Alex Wilson

Best of Fall.

  “The Pocono Mountains near Philadelphia have beautiful leaves, rolling hills and rivers. The Delaware River Water Gap has the first glimpses of mountains and a wide river. The shore towns are a whole different experience in the fall, with rugged-feeling beaches, dunes and crisp skies. But, for a true escape, I head to upstate New York. The drive itself is part of the adventure because you can see the fall stages as you pass from PA into NY. I spent five days on a solo exploration of the small towns and wide views of the Catskills. I ended in Narrowsburg where I found the Heron, a small cabin in the woods and this Kissing Booth at Maison Bergogne. I can’t wait to journey back with my boyfriend for an #andnorthwinter trip.”

Emma Fried-Cassorla is the Communications Manager for Philadelphia’s Delaware River Waterfront, and an ardent Philly booster when she’s not traipsing through upstate New York. After completing a three-and-a-half year project documenting people’s attachments to Philadelphia via Philly Love Notes, she’s gone on to map making and new projects exploring the region just outside of the city. Follow on Instagram at @phillylovenotes.

Photo by Emma Fried-Cassorla

Best of Fall.

  “During prime autumn season, a group of friends I’ve known since elementary school make an effort to get together for a weekend at our friend Scott’s fifth generation family cabin at the east end of Spruceton Valley in the Catskills. With no cell service, it’s a much needed weekend off the grid, focusing on delicious meals, campfires and hiking (pictured here is the nearby Diamond Notch Falls) all in great company.”

Michelle Heimerman is the Photo Editor at Saveur Magazine. When she’s not in the office, you’ll most likely find her hiking or skiing in the mountains far from Brooklyn (where she currently resides). follow on Instagram at @maheimerman.

Photo by Michelle Heimerman

Best of Fall.

  “Being originally from the Midwest, my love for fall and its many colors knows no bounds. When I moved to New York City three years ago, part of my heart broke over the loss of my beautiful midwestern autumn… Lucky for me, New York has its own splendorous (and dare I say, even more beautiful?) harvest season, and Cold Spring is just a quick trip up the Hudson where scenes like this are anyone’s for the taking.”

Taylor Swaim spends her time working with the Brand Creative team at J.Crew H.Q. and is also a freelance photojournalist with an affection for live music and overflowing antique stores. You can usually find her on the weekends bopping around her neighborhood of Crown Heights, BK (usually with coffee and donut in hand) staring longingly at other people’s dogs (don’t worry, she’ll have her own one day). Follow her on Instagram @taswaim27.

Photo by Taylor Swaim