A New Paltz Restaurant That Celebrates Seasonal Bounty
The Village TeaRoom | 10 Plattekill Ave |

When Agnes Devereux opened The Village TeaRoom, a farm-to-table restaurant in New Paltz, NY, she was a pioneer in supporting seasonal, local cuisine. “There was no real movement for baked goods to be seasonal. People didn’t understand farm-to-table. We were ahead of the curve,” she says, recalling the culinary landscape ten years ago. “Luckily, things have caught up, and now there’s a bounty.”

The Village TeaRoom serves food that is “personal, homey, and traditional,” reflecting the cultural diversity Agnes has adopted over the years. Italian breadsticks are paired with Indian daal and you’re as likely to see a Moroccan stew as an Irish pot pie or a French cream puff. Ingredients are local and seasonal whenever possible.

Raised in Ireland by parents who owned a hotel, Agnes moved to Paris and then to New York, where she worked at Union Square Cafe. After a stint at the Institute of Culinary Education and several years owning a small interior design business, she opened the TeaRoom in 2004.

The building itself has its own rich history, once home to a 200-year old former tailor shop. Agnes preserved much of the original structure and recycled old materials into decorative additions. “I wanted it to be non-pretentious. Simple and rustic and a little shabby, but not too shabby,” she says.

Over the years, the restaurant has become a staple in the New Paltz community. The TeaRoom draws regulars from the local college and surrounding townships, and often caters weddings and other events. And while France and New York may have their charms, Agnes finds New Paltz to be “an amazing place to live. It’s diverse, it’s beautiful.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “Local farms and food artisans provide us with world class ingredients. It’s inspiring to work with such fresh and beautiful produce. Milk, cream, eggs, cheese, maple syrup, honey, bourbon, beef, chicken, all from our neighbors. When we first opened ten years ago it was a struggle to find everything locally. Now, we have an embarrassment of riches.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “Our three dining rooms have distinct personalities. The Schoonmaker Room on the second floor is named for Alderd Schoonmaker who built this building for his tailor shop in 1833. On the first floor, the Fairweather Room is named after a local family who owned the property for fifty years. Finally, the Family Room has a kids table and chalkboard.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “The kale salad is made of three varieties of kale from Liberty View Farm. It’s served with roasted red onions from Florida, NY, maple cured bacon from Jacuterie in Ancramdale, NY and shaved cloth-bound cheddar from Hawthorne Valley. The dressing is a vinaigrette consisting of Lyonsville sugar, a house maple syrup, and warm rendered bacon fat.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “The restaurant is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s a place where you can get a big bowl of organic oatmeal for breakfast or celebrate a birthday dinner.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “We serve a wide selection of local hard cider, local spirits, beer and wine.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “For me, fall and winter is the time to eat apple pies, pear tarts, sticky old fashioned gingerbread cake, deep dark chocolatey cakes and custardy bread puddings. Come summer, we’re up to our elbows in strawberries and raspberries, peaches and blueberries. We’re making sponge cakes and mousses and pavlovas and fruit tarts.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “I love that our place is right in the heart of the village, yet it feels so secluded shaded by mature sugar maples and set back from the road.”

The Village Tearoom in New Paltz, NY. andnorth.com

  “The honey bee cake is our signature dessert. The beautiful soft yellow of the butter cream comes from the vibrant yolks of farm eggs and it is sweetened solely with honey. The cake is lightly scented with orange and the bees are made of chocolate truffle with almond wings and white chocolate stripes. Apricot glaze creates the illusion of dripping honey. This is our most popular wedding cake.”


  1. Each issue is not only informative but visually exquisite. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Joan, that means so much coming from you!

  2. Dear Folks at And North,
    We are lucky to live just down the block from The Tearoom and think of it as our home away from home. My husband often says it’s a reason to move to New Paltz. I write this as we sit at the table, sipping coffee and breakfasting on muffins bought just a few minutes ago. Lucky us, and thank you for a delightful website. Tom and Ellen

    1. Thank you Ellen, what a joy it must be to live down the road from the Tearoom! The cornbread muffins are my favorite, if only I could have them everyday like you! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dear Emma and Ellen & Tom, our favourite neighbours,
    Thanks for this beautiful piece, your support and kind words!

    1. Thank you so much Missi! We greatly appreciate your support.

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