New Age Comfort Food Aplenty At This Hudson Valley Restaurant
Market Market | 1 Madeline Ln |

It was the pursuit of more space and natural surroundings that first drew Jenifer Constantine and Trippy Thompson from Williamsburg to Rosendale in 2007. “Summers are amazing here, and the intense lushness that the whole area becomes is the stuff of life,” Jenifer says. “Between the farms, and the food, and the color, and the growth – it’s pretty amazing.”

What seemed financially unattainable in Brooklyn was fully realized upstate when the couple opened Market Market, a cafe´and concert venue across the street from the Trailways bus station.

As eclectic as it is small-town familiar, Market Market invites the artistically-inclined in every regard. Exposed iron piping, wire-backed bar chairs and salvaged wooden accents salute the provincial nature of its previous occupiers, the Springtown Green Grocer – a local market that once featured fresh organic produce, vegetarian-friendly lunches and a steaming station.

In addition to offering a full cafe and dinner menu, Market Market hosts a variety of performances, including disco dance parties, karaoke, and monthly tribute nights called “Tribution” (past themes have included Burt Bacharach and Fleetwood Mac). “I don’t ever want it to be a niche´ spot, and I’m proud when it feels like a community,” she says, referring to the diversity of Market Market’s customers. “It happens…and it’s striking when it happens.”

Market Market

  “Sometimes I wish our customers could see all the changes Mkt2 has gone through since its inception. It’s been fun adding pieces as we get them. My guess is that in another seven years, you’ll be looking at something unrecognizable from this. We found the Thompson’s sign at Brimfield and couldn’t pass it up because it is Trip’s last name. It sat in our yard for two years before we finally decided to put it up even though it confuses a lot of people.”

Market Market Jenifer and Trip

  “We seem to be gazing at one another in this one. The banquette bench came in last year and, like The Dude’s rug, has really pulled the room together. I also like that you can see the “Christmas tangles” in the reflection of the mirror.”

Market Market Tip Jar

  “Seriously people, tip your server.”

Market Market Fornasetti wallpaper

  “Aren’t we a couple of dandies with all of our modern accoutrements? No? Okay, well, we try. Saarinen stools from a garage sale and Fornasetti wallpaper.”

Market Market Map Illustration

Illustration by Kaitlin Van Pelt


  1. Thompson with his own place…priceless.
    Thanks Jenifer

  2. A great spot with good food; cozy in winter and fun in summer.

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