Our 10 Best Moments of 2014

As we look back on 2014, we can’t help but feel inspired. We’ve met amazing people, visited such beautiful and vibrant places, and celebrated what we love most about Upstate’s rolling hills and incredible community. When we launched And North in May, it was our vision to inspire creativity, collaboration and a sense of community among those interested in connecting the lively streets of NYC with the picturesque regions that lie north. Now, seven months later, we couldn’t have imagined that this vision would have taken us so far – from hosting an end of summer party at a new Catskill retreat; to visiting a prop stylist’s 18th century manor home; to hiking to the top of Mount Marcy’s arresting peak in the Adirondacks or kayaking through the mudflats of the Hudson River. 

Thank you for making this year so joyous. Wherever 2015 takes us, we can’t wait to share it with you.

Featured photo by Taylor Antisdel

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “When we started And North, we did so with the idea that there would always be something new to explore Upstate. The more time we spend exploring, the larger our network grows. It’s clear now that we haven’t even scratched the surface.”

Photos by Emma Tuccillo

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “Our launch party at the beautiful Church des Artistes in Kingston was quite possibly the best day ever spent. We were blown away by the excitement and encouragement from our supporters. Hope to see you at our next garden party!”

Photos by Julie Holder, Kale Kaposholin and Katie Lobel

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “David and Lori Brown’s home was one of our favorite features this year. Its unique blend of vintage finds and modern design creates an awe inspiring space.”

Photo by Emma Tuccillo

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “Our Farewell to Summer Party at the Spruceton Inn was the perfect way to make new friends and say goodbye to the season of flowers and swimming holes.”

Photos by Heidi’s Bridge, Taylor Antisdel and Emma Tuccillo

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “While exploring the area surrounding Spruceton Inn, we finally got to visit the legendary Phoenicia Diner. Our contributing photographer Natalie Chitwood beautifully captured the retro/modern diner in all its glory.”

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “We love to sponsor exciting events Upstate. Field and Supply, created by designer Brad Ford, was one of our favorites this year. In line with our personal mission, it connected the city to the country by featuring the most talented makers from both locations.”

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “To explore Upstate means getting outdoors and into the wild. This photo was taken by our contributing photographer Bri Stachowski on the way to the highest peak in the Adirondacks – Mount Marcy.

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “Upstate NY is filled with creative makers who use their surroundings as inspiration. Our feature on Adelia Sugarman’s one-woman venture, Owlkill Studio, showcases the amazing talent and creative drive found north of the city.”

Photos by Heidi’s Bridge

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “Our first workshop, taught by the talented Liza Pryztstup of James’s Daughter Flowers, was a day we will always remember. We spent the day at Williamsburg’s Isa making wreaths, meeting new friends, and sharing a meal together. Sign up to learn about our upcoming events.

Photos by Natalie Chitwood

Best of 2014. andnorth.com

  “We’ve met so many kind and creative people this year who have graciously allowed us to peek inside their homes and lives. Stepping into the Manor, home to designer Kenyan Lewis, was like peering inside of his creative mind. We were incredibly lucky to have met him and form a friendship. He will be dearly missed.”

Photo by Emma Tuccillo


  1. Congratulations and a Happy and Prosperous New Year on every level.

  2. What an amazing first year And North! Congratulations to you all. I love your concept and your execution is simply flawless! Looking forward to all that you’ll show me in 2015.

    1. Would love for you to visit this summer. We’re framing in a pole barn in Andes to create a spectacular wedding/event venue.

    2. Would love for you to visit this summer. We’re framing in a pole barn in Andes to create a spectacular wedding/ venue.

  3. Great updates on best memories of 2014. Mudflats of Hudson River, Arresting Peak of Mount Marcy and summer party at Catskill retreat are all wonderful. Really great post!

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